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A family history since the late 19th

For now four generations, we are winemakers from father to son. This story began with my great-grandfather, Pierre Mamert who, coming from Aveyron, discovered vine culture and acquired several acres of vines next to Montpellier. My grandfather, Paul Mamert, began developing the first family wine. In the late 70s, modernization of roads around Montpellier unfortunately ended this first family land ... the few acres of vines became an expressway ...

This painful step turned out to be an opportunity : my father, Jean Mamert, wishing to continue this tradition, discovered the Domaine de Soustres. Fell under the spell of this beautiful historic site, with friends, he undertook to start restoring  the vineyard.

While retaining the attachment to tradition, our wines now enjoy the best agronomic and oenological technical. With this in mind I have decided to resume the operation of this wonderful land: continue working the vineyard and wine making with a constant concern for respect for tradition and qualitative research.

My father and I, sharing of a passion and of a story ...

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.La consommation de boissons alcoolisées pendant la grossesse, même en faible quantité, peut avoir des conséquences graves sur la santé de l’enfant.Vendre ou offrir à des mineurs de moins de dix-huit ans des boissons alcoolisées est interdit.