A Preserved Natural Landscape

Thistles foraged by our bees

The environmental diversity 

Domaine de Soustres lies on the  Ensérune hill, one of the Béziers hills, within a preserved natural landscape of scrubland low and dense vegetation formations and forest with Mediterranean species.  

Different species of vegetation are cultivated at the estate, including vines and olive trees, Lucques and Picholines species, as well as a broad array of trees, shrubs and flowers and hedges with majestic cypresses. This diversity is of benefit to insects in general and more specifically pollinators, especially bees, as well as small mammals and birds, such as the European roller, hoopoe, and bee-eater.  

Human know-how is fundamental to the conservation of this nature and the preservation of the landscapes. Thanks to the work of people with a passion for the terroir, this know-how is passed from one generation to the next

High Environmental Value 

Over the last several years, the use of chemical inputs in winegrowing has been reduced, thus helping the vineyard to become more environmentally friendly. Since vintage 2019, the estate has been certified HVE 3, standing for High Environmental Value level 3. 

The HVE certification is awarded by an independent French certification body (AFNOR for Domaine de Soustres), and ensures that the agricultural practices used across the estate protect the natural ecosystem while minimizing pressure on soil, water, biodiversity and all things related. 

The principles of HVE 

Agricultural practices based on the principles of agro-ecology are implemented by the winegrower with the aim of protecting resources and natural systems.  

This certification recognizes a vineyard’s commitment to environmentally friendliness by assessing four indicators:  

  • Protection of biodiversity 
  • Plant protection strategy 
  • Fertilizer management 
  • Water management. 

Franck Palisser

The guardian of an island of nature 

” I have been caring for the cultivation of the land at Soustres for 20 years and in passing through it I always have the same sensation, that of being the guardian of an island of nature in which the vines are embedded.

How could you think anything else as you go down paths that pass through pine forest, scrubland and olive groves, which cover two thirds of the area of the estate?

What is more, the bee hives that we house began producing pure and aromatic honey this year. To protect and enjoy the benefits of this precious environment, it was obvious that our methods of cultivation had to be sustainable. We have been pursuing this path for years.

Today, thanks to our management of inputs and agro-ecology infrastructure, we have the High Environmental Value certification. “ 




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