The first cuvée wood-aged wine from the Domaine de Soustres

A week ago, we put the final touch to our new Cuvée LINIUMwith its bottling!
We will now have to wait a few weeks and let the 2 wines of this cuvée (one white and one red) rest to be able to taste them at best. See you in early autumn for that!

Why a wine aged in wood?

Our “signature“, as you know is more about fruit and freshness than about concentration and tannins. Theterroir of the Côteaux d’Ensérune contributes greatly to this characteristic that many of you appreciate. But many of you have also suggested wines with a little more complexity and body, aspecially to accompany your fall and winter meals.

LINIUMmeets his expectation without denying its origins.
Southern grape varieties, harvestingat good maturity, gentle extractionsto enhance the fruit, a fluid and silkymouth.

To achieve this result, we workek with our oenologists, Diane and Nicolas, and our cellar master, Franck, on a short “breeding “* (a little more than 6 months) in contact with a French oak wood with a medium heating si as to provide structure and ageing flavours without masking the character of the original juices ageing aromas.
The LINIUM cuvée will have a higher ageing potential than the no-wooded vintages.

The name LINIUM is a creation that evokes both the wood and rich Gallo-Roman past of the hill of Ensérune where our vines are planted. It comes from LINIUM, the wood in Latin, evoking the breeding of the vintage.

  • *Maturing is the stage that follows fermentation and consists of purifying the wines of their impurities, aging the wine, developing its aromas, and completing its structure with external tannin additions. It precedes the bottling.

First tasting notes!

Even if the wines have to rest after bottling, our oenologist, Diane, gives you her first tasting impressions!


“The wine has a clea greenish yellow color. The nose gives off notes of coconut, vanilla, and some fruity notes. The palate is lively, lemony. The finish is saline with woody notes.


“Nose with notes of blueberries, black fruits, caramel. Round mouthfeel, with great sweetness, a real candy. The finish is on blueberry and toasted, roasted nutty notes.”

A new look!

A new vintage, a new look!
For LINIUM, we wanted to break the high Bordeaux bottle that you already know for the Cuvées “Les Grenaches” and “Les Parcelles”.
We have chosen an “authentic” Burgundy bottle of oak color.

So we had to rethink the way we communicate about the bottle. it is our creative, David (Studio TROIQUATRE in Montpellier), who imagined with us their new dressing with a sober graphics taking again the veins of wood in lower part, slightly in relief. The name of the vintage and the monogram on the back label are in bronze-gold metallic color for the red and gray-steel for the withe. The cap is white and uses the same metallic colors for the monogram.
The natural kraft color cardboard is printed in white with wood grain on two sides and our monogram on the other two sides.

We hope to have given you the desire to discover this new vintage LINIUM very soon and we will not fail to inform you as soon as it will be available at the cellar and in our web store.

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