Discovering a troublemaker!

At the beginning of October, on the occasion of the Salon Mer & Vigne in Strasbourg, I visited Franck MUSSLIN, the chef of the restaurant LE TRUBLION in Erstein, about 20 minutes from the capital of Bas-Rhin. He is one of those who have put their trust in our wines and we are proud of that.
A gourmet visit not to be missed!

The winning kitchen & dining room duo

The village of ERSTEIN (67)

Franck set up his restaurant in Erstein in 2020. An Alsatian town as you would imagine it! Pretty, neat, flowery with colourful half-timbered houses.
So, if you are passing through Strabourg, don’t hesitate to go south to meet him.
But don’t worry, this troublemaker (the troublemaker) is only in the kitchen! He is accompanied in the dining room by the warm and professional Isabelle.
Prepare yourself for a most enjoyable time where everything is mastered and attention to detail.
In short, a table at which we are proud that our wines are served.

Freshly cooked and made to order

The menu is short with 3 starters (+ the tarts flambées available in 6 recipes), 6 main courses and 1 dish of the moment, and 4 desserts + 1 cheese plate.

Everything is made to order! Franck does a lot of work setting up the food from fresh products because he is alone in the kitchen. The days must be long 😉
The result is as good as the commitment! It is totally mastered!

perfect cooking and texture
Veal kidney in old-fashioned mustard with spaetzle and crispy vegetables

I ordered a kitchen classic with this kidney with mustard, and well I was not disappointed. The cooking and texture were perfect. Franck’s secret: pre-cooking at low temperature. The sauce was just as good as the cooking of the vegetables, which were not just there for show. A good complement to spaetzle, the Alsatian pasta that goes so well with dishes in sauce.

Don’t forget the dessert!

With his dessert “declension around chocolate and corn“, Franck plays with flavours and textures, adding here and there chips of grains and popcorn. It’s creative and tasty!

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What about the wine?

Phoenix 2018 – Zaepffel family

Restaurant LE TRUBLION

8 Rue Brûlée, 67150 Erstein

03 88 15 17 93

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Attention to detail is evident at every level of the menu, including the drinks, whose selection is on a par with the cuisine and service.

Our Grenache Noir 2021 occupies a good place on the wine list, as does our Gris de Gris 2021.
A good idea that should inspire other restaurant friends, Franck offers Grenache by the glass, in 25cl, 50cl and 75cl bottles. It offers a selection of wines of the 3 colours in these different volumes. As a customer, this is very much appreciated.
According to Franck, “Grenache Noir is a hit with these customers because it has the ability to adapt to many of the dishes offered on the menu, from starters to dessert.

Of course, Soustres is not the only domain and the selection is sharp, including Alsace wines. I personally tasted the Phénix 2018 (on Isabelle’s wise advice), a sweet white (semi-dry) from the Zaepffel Family. Nothing to say, nice balance of fruit and acidity with a remarkable aroma.

Beer lovers, you will not be outdone, Franck will offer you a selection of bottled beers brewed in the region.

The detail goes right down to the quality of the coffee chosen. Lovers, finish your meal with the tart, fruity and tangy notes of an Arabica with just the right amount of bitterness.

Cuvée “les grenaches”
Grenache Noir 2021
Cuvée “les grenaches”
Gris de Gris 2021

I would like to thank Franck and Isabelle for their welcome, their professionalism and the quality of their work. On behalf of Domaine de Soustres, I would like to tell them that we are happy and proud to count them among our restaurant partners. As for you readers, don’t miss this table which will have many other surprises in store for you, with a seasonal cuisine created by our culinary troublemaker from Erstein.

Good Tasting

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