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And no, we don’t just offer you wineat the Domaine de Soustres! All the more reason to come and visit us in our shop-cellar located in Montady (open Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 5.30pm).
Thanks to the cultivation of olivetrees and beesin our undergrowth, and to the know-how of local partners-producers, we can offer you honey, olive oiland olivesdirectly fromthe land of Soustres.
And as we are gourmands, this year, we propose jamsand confitselaborated by the Chaudron d’Aurélie located at a few kilometers from our home.


A sign of recognition!

The label on the products offered in our shop indicates that they are made with all or part of the raw materials from our land and/or produced by local partner producers. They have all been tasted and selected by our team.

The Confits-tures of Aurélie’s Cauldron

One would dream of falling into this cauldron of delights as Aurélie’s preparations, based on fruits from the Hérault, Gardor Roussillonregions, are so tastyand well balanced.
Everything is designed to promote short circuits (fruits, jars, labels) and taste (maturity, sugar content, cooking).
No standardization in the recipe, the sugar level is adapted to each fruit and at the time of each harvest (measurement of the sugar level with a refractometer) and the jams are made without added pectin.

The Wine Confits

The Grey Grenache

Confit of Grey Grenache – made exclusively for the Domaine de Soustres

The Black Grenache

Confit of Black Grenache – made exclusively for the Domaine de Soustres

Have you ever heard of wine confit?
It is made from finished wine according to Aurélie’s own recipe. It is the singular touch of the cheese platters, the ideal companion of the goatand the ewein particular. But, it is also the friend of terrinesand foie gras, to change a little onion and fig confits. If you wish, you can also eat it as a fruit jelly.
Aurélie makes these wine confits* with Merlot, Chardonnay and, exclusively for the estate shop, Grenache Gris de Soustres.
All the aromatic powerof the rosé gris de gris concentrated in a confit only available in our store!

*These products do not contain alcohol, which evaporates during cooking.

The Jams

Range of local seasonal fruit jams

Aurélie’s jams are made from local fruit only, bursting with sunshine and respecting seasonality of each of them. She makes them with the help of the A “grandmother’s recipe” without pectin, with the sugar content adapted to the ripeness of the crop and without excessive cooking.

It is very simple, from the first spoon you bite into the flavors!
At the moment, enjoy fig jam, yellow fruit jam but also lemon or orange jam picked this summer.
To complete this gustatory journey, Aurélie also proposes :
thyme and rosemaryconfits (cheeses, terrines)
Both are available in our store.

the products of the Olive Tree & Bees

Lucques Olives in jar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1st cold pressing

As you may know, 8 hectares of olive trees are planted around our vineyards. They are maintainedthroughout the year by Didier, olive growerand operator of the oil mill, “Lo Moulinet”, located in Puisserguier.
Three varieties of olives are used to make different products.
table olives with La Lucques, a variety from Languedoc recognizable by its singular crescent moon shape.
olive oil with the varieties Picholine, native of the Gard, and Olivière, the most widespread.

In the heart of the Soustre forest, nearly 5 million bees are buzzing, gathering nectar from the flowers of the scrubland. Their favorite flowers are thyme, thistleand oregano. Our beekeeper, Benoît, has set up his hives in a clearing in the Soustres forest and takes care of our friends the bees. It is especially him, which extracts the invaluable nectar: the Honey of Garrigue. This honey is certified Organic Agriculture.

Mile de Garrigue in 250g and 500g pots

Think about upcycling

You like the design of the honey and jam jars as well the olive oil bottle and you don’t to throw the away.
One solution, reuse them!
All are made of glass and closed with hermetic and reusable metal lids and caps.
Give them a second life! Just give it a quick wash and wipe and you’re done! All you need to do is insert new ingredients for your kitchen such as spices, condiments or to create little boxes for the kids.

We are waiting for you at the store of the Domaine de Soustres to make you discover all this 7 days a week from the 6th of July to the 31st of August from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm.

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