New companions in the Soustre forest

New companions

A few months ago we welcomed 3 new companions to the forest and undergrowth of Domaine de Soustres. These 3 companions were installed by Michael SALA who runs the company “Sud’Éco-Pâturage”.

The purpose of herbivorous animals and eco-grazing

Sud’éco-pâturage is a company for the ecological maintenance of natural green spaces through the grazing of herbivorous animals, sheep and donkeys. It is aimed at public institutions and companies. mechanical machines give way to herbivorous animals that manage green spaces and promote the preservation of biodiversity. Eco-grazing has many advantages such as

¤ The fight against invasive species
¤ The removal of chemical
¤ Fertilizing the land
¤ Promotes connection and well-being

Our friends the Donkeys

The donkey is satisfied with all types of vegetation, both herbaceous and woody, and appreciates areas where there is a variety of plants. Once it is in its own space, it will “herborise” and choose its food according to its needs. The role of the donkey in eco-pasture is to clear and maintain the grassy areas.

Imprévu, Neige & Lolo
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